How to make bids?

There are two ways to make bids during the auction:

1. You can simply click on the "BID" button, your offer will be registered by the system and your username will be visible as the last bidder.

If no one else makes an offer before the end of the countdown, you will win the property.

If someone else raises after you, you will have to, if interested, click the "BID" button again.

2. You can use the AutoClikki function: if for any reason you can't stay in front of the computer, you can set the AutoClikki and it will make the bids for you.

Every time someone else makes an offer higher than yours, the AutoClikki - depending on the parameters you set in the appropriate fields - will automatically place your offer.

Once the number of bids you previously set up has finished, AutoClikki will stop automatically.

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