How does ClikkiClikki work?

ClikkiClikki is the first digital platform for the auction purchase of new and guaranteed properties at an exceptional price!

The properties for sale are prestigious, new, free from pledges and/or mortgages. For each property, all the documentation necessary to carry out the appropriate assessments will be available and easily downloadable.

Buy the Blue Bricks and register for the auction: now you just need to wait for the start of the auction!

The basic auction price, and how much it will increase with each bid, will be indicated in the notice of sale attached to each property. The deadline for making a raise is variable. For the first 2 (two) days it will be 30 seconds, the third day will be 15 seconds, from the fourth day onwards it will be 5 seconds. If you are the last to make the bid... You will win the auction!

You can make as many bids as you want during the auction.

Once you have won the auction, you will receive a detailed email, as better described in our Terms and Conditions. In order to enjoy your new home you will only have to pay the award price and the due taxes, go to the Notary in charge on the day and time set for the signing of the transfer deed and... nothing more!

If you don't win the property, ClikkiClikki will re-credit you the Blue Bricks spent to make the bids. They will turn Green and this time you can spend your Green Bricks to purchase a voucher in the Store or to pay the participation fee for a subsequent auction!

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