With ClikkiClikki to buy a house of your dream is just a matter of ... click!

We buy your property in 100 days
18 Feb 2022 - 13:22
Are you a real estate agent or do you have new properties that you'd like to sell? Contact us using the form you find on our website.
1. How to create a new account
18 Feb 2022 - 13:26
In this video, we'll explain how to make your first-time registration.
2. How to verify your account
18 Feb 2022 - 13:27
In this video, we will explain what is meant by a verified account and why it's important to confirm your identity on ClikkiClikki.
3. How to buy Bricks
18 Feb 2022 - 16:29
Blue Bricks are the digital tokens needed to access the various services offered by ClikkiClikki.
4. How to sign-up for a Targeted Auction
18 Feb 2022 - 16:30
Auction registration tutorial. Remember that you will only be able to sign-up for auctions after verifying your account.

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